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Adel Villalobos, B.Sc. is not only the owner; he is the lead Biochemist behind the development of all Avidia Products. Adel has a vast knowledge of Natural Products. His 13 plus years in the Nutraceutical Industry combined with an education in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Kinesiology and Nutritional BioChemistry puts him at the forefront of the health and nutrition industry. He has been responsible for the development of hundreds of nutraceutical products for many of the large companies on store shelves today. He has also been instrumental in changing the way products are developed by bringing together science and nature; ideas that have revolutionized the industry. Many of the products developed by Adel have become blockbuster hits and have truly improved the health of millions. With Avidia Natural Products, Adel's new focus is to improve the effectiveness of dietary supplements that have been heavily commercialized over the past decade. This massive growth in the industry has hurt the quality of the products. As a new company, Avidia's desire to bring high quality affordable supplements direct to the consumer will hopefully bring back the focus on quality. We hope we can earn your business first and foremost with our quality and a price you can trust.

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