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Combined Whey and Creatine Supplementation after Resistance Exercise Maximizes Muscle Gains

This study investigated the effects of various supplements on strength, body composition, and glutamine levels in resistance-trained men. Thirty-three resistance-trained men were matched for strength and placed into one of four groups: creatine/carbohydrate, whey protein isolate, creatine/whey isolate or carbohydrate only. All subjects undertook the same fully supervised resistance-training program three times per week and consumed 1.5 g of supplement per kg body weight per day. While all groups demonstrated increases in strength, lean mass and muscle girth, the creatine-carbohydrate, whey and creatine-whey groups all demonstrated significantly larger gains in strength and lean mass and greater increases in type II muscle fiber size. Additionally, the creatine-whey group demonstrated a greater increase in strength, lean mass, and fiber size than the whey group.

AviClin Summary: Combining StayFit Protein and creatine after resistance exercise may maximize strength and muscle gains compared to other post-workout supplementation options. 

Improved Muscle Performance and Reduction in Oxidative Stress Enhances Sports Performance

Oxidative stress contributes to muscular fatigue during exercise.

Glutathione is the major intracellular antioxidant, the biosynthesis of which is dependent on the availability of the amino acid cysteine. This study investigated whether supplementation with a whey-based cysteine donor designed to augment intracellular glutathione would enhance performance.

Twenty healthy young adults (10 men, 10 women) were studied before supplementation and three months after supplementation with either a whey protein supplement or casein placebo. Muscular performance was assessed by whole leg isokinetic cycle testing, measuring peak power and 30-second work capacity. Both peak power and 30-second work capacity increased significantly in the whey protein group, with no change in the placebo group. Lymphocyte glutathione also increased significantly in the whey protein group with no change in the placebo group.

AviClin Summary: This study demonstrated that prolonged supplementation with a protein shake like StayFit Protein designed to augment antioxidant defenses resulted in improved muscular performance.

Whey Supplementation Increases Muscle Glycogen Stores

This study investigated the effect of different types of dietary protein on glycogen content in the liver and skeletal muscles of exercise-trained rats. Twenty-four male rats were divided into sedentary or exercise-trained groups with each group being fed either casein or whey protein as the source of dietary protein.

Rats in the exercised groups were trained during two weeks using swimming exercise for 120 minutes per day, six days per week. Exercise training resulted in an increase in the skeletal muscle glycogen content. Furthermore, the whey protein group significantly increased the skeletal muscle glycogen content compared to the casein group. The increase in glycogen content in the liver was significantly greater in rats fed the whey protein diet compared to those fed the casein diet.

AviClin Summary: This study demonstrated that a diet based on whey protein may increase glycogen content in the liver and skeletal muscles of exercise-trained rats. StayFit Protein uses Whey Protein Isolate in combination with Casein because of the sports performance boosting properties of Whey and the Weight Loss promoting qualities of Casein.

A New Way to Shut Down Muscle Soreness

This study investigated the long-term impact of post-exercise protein supplementation on health, muscle soreness, and muscle function. Healthy male U.S. Marine recruits from six platoons were randomly assigned to three treatments within each platoon. They received a carbohydrate supplement, a carbohydrate-whey protein supplement, or a placebo each morning after physical training.

Compared to the placebo and carbohydrate groups, the carbohydrate and whey protein-supplemented group had an average of 33% fewer total medical visits, 28% fewer visits due to bacterial/viral infections, 37% fewer visits due to muscle/joint problems, and 83% fewer visits due to heat exhaustion. Muscle soreness immediately post-exercise was reduced by protein supplementation versus placebo and control groups.

AviClin Summary: This study demonstrated that post-exercise protein supplementation with a product like StayFit Protein has a significant potential to positively impact health, muscle soreness, and tissue hydration during prolonged intense exercise training, suggesting a potential therapeutic approach for the prevention of health problems in severely stressed exercising populations.

Whey Protein Protects Against Exercise Related Oxidative Stress

Glutathione is the body's most powerful antioxidant. It protects the cells against free radical damage during exercise. The effects of a whey protein supplemented diet on glutathione concentrations were investigated over a six-week period in male subjects involved in arduous aerobic training. Blood was collected prior to and following a 40 km simulated cycling trial. The aerobic training period resulted in significantly lower glutathione concentrations in whole blood, an effect that was mitigated by whey protein supplementation. A significant increase in mononuclear cell glutathione was also observed in subjects receiving the whey protein supplement following the 40 km simulated cycling trial.

AviClin Summary: This study demonstrated that a whey protein supplement such as StayFit Protein potentially slows the decreases in glutathione caused by prolonged exercise.

Hidden Brain Booster Controls Stress Related Cortisol Levels

This study tested the effects of alpha lactalbumin-one of the major fractions found in whey-on stress. The researchers found that a diet high in lactalbumin helped subjects perform better mentally under stressful conditions. Furthermore, they found that the high lactalbumin diet helped reduce cortisol levels, which typically increase in response to stressful conditions. This effect of alpha lactalbumin could also be beneficial for body composition, because fat storage generally increases with cortisol levels.

AviClin Summary Supplementation with the whey peptide alpha lactalbumin improves mental functioning under stressful conditions and blunts the cortisol response to stressors. StayFit Protein contains high levels of Lactalbumin, which may control stress related weight gains thus promoting a leaner body and improved mental performance under stress.

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