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"Sports Nutrition Biochemist Develops a
Protein Powder that
beats all the rest!"

By refusing to dilute his product, he develops an incredibly EFFECTIVE and great tasting Protein that will SUPER CHARGE your fitness and muscle development.

Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Adel Villalobos, founder of AviClin Labs. For nearly a decade, I've been a Sports Nutrition Biochemist.

And until recently, I produced nutritional supplements and protein shakes for many of the top supplement brands you probably know. For years I helped them make record profits but more and more those manufacturers kept asking me to cut the actual amounts of quality proteins or quality ingredients in the supplements to help their bottom line. There are clever ways to cheapen supplements especially protein powders in order to drive down cost and improve profit margins. It would be nice if they passed on the savings but most don't. But more importantly, these companies advertise their products as being great and fall short of delivering.

So I decided to develop my own premium quality protein shake at a price that benefits both you and my company. And more importantly, I deliver a high quality protein unavailable in today's store shelves. I worked hard to make it highly effective, great tasting and affordable.

It's an ultra-potent, nutrient-rich formula called STAY-fit Protein.

Pound-for-pound, dollar-for-dollar, it builds, strengthens, and
nourishes your body like nothing else on store shelves today.

You work out hard, you want results and the protein that you take should actually work! This stuff is like rocket fuel for your body!

And the flavors are out of this world! Try it for yourself, and you'll be hooked.

"STAY-fit Protein Tastes Fantastic! It helps me stay in world class fighting shape.
Keeps my muscles fueled. I love it! I drink it before sparring, after sparring,
and after all my workouts to make sure my muscles are ready for the next
fight. I love it!"
- James "Lights Out" Toney
Professional Heavy Weight Boxer

The competition just doesn't
stack up to Stay-Fit Protein

Supplement companies have a lot of business challenges. It's a very competitive industry. To keep pace with the competition, they spend millions of dollars on advertising and pay professional athlete gobs of money to endorse their products. But they still have to remain competitive on price.

You see, to meet the bottom line they sacrifice the quality of their supplements to meet their profit goals.

How? You may ask.

Well the biggest offending technique is called "fairy dusting". This is where small amounts of the best ingredients are sprinkled in with lesser quality versions. And it let's them get away with claims that their products indeed contain the good stuff - but not in sufficient amounts to make an impact to YOU!

Too many companies swap large portions of the top-shelf ingredients for lower grade ingredients- or worse - fillers, to fill up a jug of protein powder. All to cut costs.

And they sell it at a cut rate which causes the competition to cut their ingredients even more to keep up. The result is that...

Most protein powders out their today

I have been aware of these industry practices for years and I decided that I could do better.

I wanted to sell a superior protein supplement DIRECT to the consumer with no fillers, no "fairy dusting" or any manipulative tactics or formulas of any kind.

Without an advertising budget, my goal was to sell to the local community, local athletes, friends and family.

STAY-fit Protein is the result of years of nutrition and supplement experience and it is a breakthrough in the industry.

It uses only 100% pure, top-quality proteins, muscle-building essential fatty acids, and other growth and performance enhancers in perfect harmony.

And to top it off (because this product is my 'baby'), I became obsessed with making it knock-your-socks-off DELICIOUS! It comes in Chocolate Éclair and Vanilla Smoothie flavors that will send your taste buds cheering for more.


Try it Risk FREE!!!


Why STAY-fit Protein is Superior to Any Protein on the Market Today...

  • We use only a premium, clinically advanced combination of proteins: Whey Protein ISOLATE & Miceller Caseinates. There is a total of 28 grams of these superior protein per serving!
  • Whey Protein ISOLATE is rapidly absorbed by your body, instantly driving the highest quality protein into your muscles cells. Whey ISOLATE is also more pure than Whey CONCENTRATE. Ounce-for-ounce, you get more protein with less fat and lactose per serving. That means more of what you muscles need without all the gas and bloating.
  • Miceller Caseinates are slow-digesting proteins that satisfy and control your appetite. Studies have shown Micellar Casein protein to continue feeding your muscles with amino acids for up to 7 hours after ingestion! So it's an excellent for keeping stressed muscles from breaking down for extended periods (such as overnight, while you sleep).
  • Don't be fooled by other products that mix inferior proteins, such as Whey Concentrate, Soy, and others. These blends may be subject to "fairy dusting" - sprinkling a pinch of the good stuff into piles of the lower-grade proteins.
  • Lean Mass Promoting Essential Fatty Acid Complex: 1,000 mg per serving! This is one of the secret weapons that virtually all other protein powders fail to include. It's a clinically tested, scientifically-balanced combination of essential fats required by your body. Studies have shown these fats to assist protein in the building and repair of lean, high-performing muscle tissue. Few proteins even consider this added performance gain and, therefore, are unable to provide you with this BODY SKULPTING advantage.
  • Low-Sugar, Low-Carb Formula: Only 3 g of Sugar and 8 g of Carbs per serving! You can take STAY-fit Protein multiple times per day with the confidence that it won't pack on extra pounds.
  • No Fillers: STAY-fit Protein gives you more nutrients for your money, so your dollar works harder to give you the best body and the higher performance you train so hard to achieve. If you're serious about your training, your health, and your results, don't force-feed your starving muscles with anything less than STAY-fit Protein.
  • Proprietary Blend of 16 other scientifically-balanced nutrients. Each carefully-selected vitamin and mineral has earned its way into the ingredients list. They play a vital role in helping your body efficiently convert STAY-fit Protein into fuel your muscles can use. They also help your body convert fats and carbs into energy and turn your body into a powerful calorie-burning machine. Without this unique blend, a portion of the protein could go to waste, passing through your body, unused by your muscles.
  • Plus, every serving of STAY-fit Protein is loaded with 23 muscle-building amino acids, including Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) and a whopping 9,427 mg of Glutamine and Precursors.

Why Branched Chain Amino Acids? Irrefutable evidence shows they are directly linked to muscle gain. They also enhance your energy, keep you mentally sharp during endurance exercise, boost your recovery, and stimulate fat loss. Studies have also shown Glutamine to significantly enhance the development of lean muscle and enhance recovery.

I could go on for several pages about the intricate advantages of every milligram I've poured into this product I call my pride and joy. The bottom line is STAY-fit Protein bathes your muscles in only the highest quality combination of proteins (and other well-thought nutrient combinations) available anywhere. With STAY-fit Protein in your body, every rep you lift, every stride you take and every calorie you burn will reward you with tighter, stronger, leaner high performance body!!

STAY-fit Protein actually makes it EASIER for you to stay in better shape with a more attractive physique! Especially since it's the best tasting protein shake on available. You'll be surprised how good it tastes that you won't believe its good for you.
Try it for yourself

But nothing I say matters if my product doesn't deliver in the real world. That's why I encourage you to listen to my customers...

Here's what my customers are saying
about STAY-fit Protein...

"I am a physician and bodybuilder and I have been using STAY-fit Protein since it was created because it is among the best on the market. I believe in the contents, the quality and potency of this product, and I recommend it highly to everyone."
- Dr. Marwan Chahayed

I've taken many protein products to help me keep my lean figure but finding a truly good tasting product that also delivered results has been tough. Finally, a product that makes me feel great and tastes incredibly good. STAY-fit Protein from AviClin Labs is by far the best I've ever had especially their Chocolate Éclair. Thanks for Making a product that I can truly enjoy drinking;
- Mikaela Mayer
Fitness Enthusiast

"STAY-fit Protein from AviClin labs is the best tasting protein I've ever had. And more importantly, I feel it working. I'm so glad it tastes so good because I take it several times a day to fuel my intense workouts and help me keep my fighting strength and power."
Lance "Mount" Whitaker
Professional Heavy Weight Boxer

"I've tried many protein drinks in the past and have struggled with the taste. The Chocolate Éclair Protein drink by AviClin LABS tastes great and on top of that I feel it provides me with an added boost of strength and energy during my workout sessions."
- Medina, D
Correctional Officer

"I've been working out for years and could never get past the funny taste of protein products, so I gave up on them years ago. Recently, a friend introduced me to your Chocolate Éclair STAY-fit Protein. I can't believe how good it tastes. I drink it daily and I'm getting amazing results."
- Victor Leyson

Highest Quality-to Price Ratio
of Any Protein on the Market


No product delivers the potency or scientifically balanced blend of muscle-building ingredients of STAY-fit Protein. But typically an incredible protein blend such as this would be out of reach to all but a few well-off career athletes.

How can we make this affordable?

Because I manufacture STAY-fit Protein in my own lab, I don't have to pay for anyone's mark-up. And I don't have a massive advertising budget to pay for, either.

By selling direct to you from my lab means I don't have to resort to selling inferior protein blends that are only sprinkled with the top-shelf ingredients.

Every ingredient in STAY-fit Protein is as good as it gets. And as you've seen from my glowing customer reviews, the quality of STAY-fit Protein shows in your physique, in the gym, in the field, or in the ring.

Clinically Advance STAY-fit Protein is regularly priced at only $49 per container. But if you Join our Fan Club , you can buy today for only $42.50.


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STAY-fit Protein is packaged in a convenient 2-pound container.

Servings: 18 servings of 28 grams of protein each (2 scoops/serving), or
36 servings of 14 grams of protein each (1 scoop/serving)

Flavors: Chocolate Éclair
Vanilla Smoothie

"STAY-fit Protein by AviClin Labs is a superior protein supplement. It has the nutrients I need to lose body fat without compromising my muscle and strength. I can also feel a boost in my stamina and energy. Since I've been taking STAY-fit Protein, I'm able to push myself harder and longer and I get better workouts."
- Daniel Gatica
National Promotions & Advertising Manager

Money Back

Risk FREE 100% Money-Back GUARANTEE:

STAY-fit Protein is so potent and pure - the formulation so unique - your muscles have never been fed anything like it. In fact, I am so confident you'll love everything about my STAY-fit Protein supplement, that I'm willing to take on 100% of the risk for you to give it a shot.

STAY-fit Protein for up to 30 days with absolutely no risk to you. If you don't notice immediate and sustained improvements in your performance... if you don't see and feel the difference in your physique... if you don't fall in love with the flavor... or you're not 100% satisfied for any reason (or no reason at all)... just send back the unused portion for an immediate 100% refund of your purchase price.

Why am I so willing to risk so much to get you to try STAY-fit Protein?

Because, just like virtually everyone else, I know that once you taste the silky, rich flavor and feel and see the results, you won't want to stop taking it. You'll crave it several times a day. And that's a good thing, because your results will skyrocket.


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If you're tired of working so hard for little or no results... if you're serious about sculpting a lean body, losing body fat, increasing hard, lean muscle... or if you compete in any kind of sport or athletic event, I personally GUARANTEE STAY-fit Protein will deliver results you can see and feel within your first few days, or I'll refund every penny of your money!!!!

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