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Whey Discovered to Reverse Muscle Aging

This study investigated the effects of amino acids and whey protein on muscle synthesis in elderly individuals. Net muscle protein synthesis in healthy elderly individuals (65-79 years) was measured following ingestion of a whey protein supplement or an essential amino acid supplement. Both the essential amino acid and whey protein supplements stimulated muscle protein synthesis.

AviClin Summary: Essential amino acids and whey protein are equally effective in stimulating muscle protein synthesis in elderly individuals.  StayFit Protein can help support an active lifestyle as you age.

Whey Works Better As You Get Older

This study investigated whether a whey protein isolate consumed immediately after supervised strength-training exercise in younger and older men increases strength and genetic changes related to muscle growth. Skeletal muscle biopsy samples were taken from the thighs of untrained young and older men after a single bout of exercise and again following 12 weeks of supervised resistance training with repeated whey protein or placebo supplementation.

The anabolic response was measured by the increase in knee extensor strength, the activation of key translation initiation proteins and the expression of genes regulating muscle hypertrophy/atrophy. Older participants consuming the whey protein supplement demonstrated greater synthesis of a translational factor related to muscle growth after 12 weeks of training compared to the placebo group. In addition, older adults consuming whey protein showed a seven times greater increase in a genetic helper related to muscle growth compared to the placebo group.

AviClin Summary: These findings provide molecular evidence of enhanced activation of genetic factors related to muscle growth when whey protein intake and chronic resistance training are combined in older individuals.  StayFit Protein helps support the preservation of Lean Muscle older adults.


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